Interactive Video: How To Create More Engaging Videos

How To Build An Interactive Video

Video is a powerful and effective tool for communicating with customers, however, sometimes it can feel like a one-sided conversation. How can we make videos more engaging for our customers? We can apply different tools and touchpoints to provide a more engaging customer experience. This guide will look at how we can use web-based video technology to build an interactive video. We recently released a guide about video email. To allow our readers to follow along, we went step by step using Hippo Video, we’ll continue this method for this guide as well.

Before we get started, let’s review a sample video. In the video below, you’ll find an example Customer Support Video. This video has been shortened for viewing purposes, but you can imagine how it may look and feel alongside the appropriate customer support content. This video has multiple touchpoints, we will collect viewer information, direct traffic, and provide a more engaging customer experience.

To get a better idea of what you’re watching, here a list of our engagement points and their respective timestamps.

00:03 – We’re going to ask who’s watching the video.
00:05 – A small passive button arrives staying until the end, it directs to our knowledge base.
00:14 – A pause in the video, with a button to visit our Linkedin page.
00:17 – We’ve asked if our video has helped resolve the problem.
00:21 – Our video is complete, the viewer can submit a support ticket by clicking our button.


Interactive Customer Support Sample Video


Now that you’ve seen an interactive video, let’s try to make one.

1. Setting up Branding

The first step to building an interactive video is setting your branding. Branding a video is great for marketing purposes, but it will also help your customers feel more at home when watching your videos. Web-based video solutions like Hippo Video will usually have their branding set as the default, check out an example here. For our purposes, we want our video to provide a better experience in the customer journey, so let’s make our video page and player better represent the look and feel of our organization.

Here is the step by step: Settings > Branding > Change icons > Change player color

Editing Branding

Customized Icons


Great, you’ve applied the branding to your video page and player. You should notice a big difference in the look and feel your video landing page, check out the difference it made for our team.

Branded Video Player

Branded Video Page

2.  Choosing Your Video


Step two is easy, to begin building an interactive video you’ll want to find the appropriate video to work with. Find a video that is worthy of putting extra effort into, this next step does require a little more work.

Here is the Step by Step for selecting your video: Libray > Select  video > Edit > Marketing Tools

3.  Applying Marketing Tools

Before we start adding the interactive element to our video, let’s better understand what tools are available.

Annotation  – This is a passive button, it’ll hang out for the duration of time you’ve selected.

Lead Generation Form – Want to know who’s watching? Use this to request the viewer information

Custom Poll – What’s the viewer thinking? Build in a question and request some feedback.

Call-To-Action – STOP! this button stops everything and applies a custom button, image or call to action. Select time and URL.

In Video Meeting Link – Apply your name and job title, apply a link directly to your calendar.

In Video Meeting Link*  – You can also be used as a powerful Call-To-Action at the end of the video.

Promoted Playlist – Select follow up content, triggers towards the end of your video.

Embed Custom CRM form – Have your own forms? Use easy embed in this option.


Now that you know the tools, let’s consider how we can best utilize them. Before I make an interactive video, I’ll try to consider a few things;

What is the purpose of my video? Who’s going to be watching my video? Where can I add touchpoints without hurting the flow? Consider your specific use-case, and what variables are important to your video.

Let’s apply our tools.

Here is the step by step: Marketing Tools > Select tool > Fill required information > Add tool

Once you’ve added a tool is available on a marketing tools timeline. You can edit or remove existing tools. Once you’re satisfied with your tools, your video is complete. Once you’re satisfied with your tools, your video is complete. Here’s what the timeline from our sample video looks like.


Marketing Tools

Marking tools timeline

How did your Interactive Video turn out?  Need help implementing a video solution for your business? Reach a CloudChoice consultant here.