What is CloudChoice?

CloudChoice is a cloud solution consulting company based in Canada. We help clients re-invent their business through customized cloud solutions. We help firms find & implement the right cloud solutions to solve business problems. Wether it is implementing a CRM to help your sales team close deal faster, or help your customer support team collaborate and serve your customers better. Our team can help you. We have a working relationship with Freshdesk Inc, a fastest growing SaaS company.

We work with clients to understand the gaps  in the current process. Our focus is to enable our clients solve problems at all levels people, product or process.

Do you help re-evaluate and implement our existing solution ?

Absolutely, our goal is to help you serve your customers. If you have an existing solution and need help with the process or setup, we are happy to help. We have worked with many vendors in the SaaS market and we will be glad to help you re-invent the way you use your existing tools.

Do you only help with hosted solutions?

We would love to, however the hosted model does not work for every business and we totally understand it. Some of the client are happy to use tools like Freshdesk, which is hosted in USA. However, there are some clients like government organizations that are worried about the USA PATRIOT Act. We will work with other vendors to host your data in Canada or onsite.

Why we should hire Cloud Choice?

Cloud Choice has helped hundreds of clients like you. We have seen clients lose customers because the most important email fell through the cracks. We have also seen clients work out of an inbox to save money and in turn duplicating work. You will get a fresh perspective on your support process and you might have similar problems that some of our clients faced. The money you spend on consulting can be recovered by saving that one customer.

How do I refer clients to you?

Thank you for your trust. Introduce our team to your reference by copying the email to info@cloudchoice.ca. We will connect with your reference, understand their support model and find ways to amaze their customers/users. Cloud Choice referral program is rewarding. We provide a flat 20% of our first months revenue.

Reinventing your business with customized SaaS solutions.

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