Freshworks for Property Management

Freshworks for Property Management 

Freshworks has been in the news a lot lately. Whether making headlines with new investments or it’s continually growing stable of products, Freshworks has been buzzing. Like many others, Property Managers have taken notice. We’re going look at the 3 ways Freshworks is being used to make property management a breeze. 

Supporting Tenant Concerns or Issues

Whether it’s a task for the office or ground crew, Freshworks has it covered. Freshdesk provides an easily accessible web-based quarterback for your daily operations. E-mail integration, self-service portals, ticket management, & work order management are only a few of the tools you’ll find valuable to your operations in Freshdesk. Accessible anywhere, the ability of the office and ground team to collaborate and tackle obstacles is going to make everyone’s life easier.  You can try Freshdesk here.

Freshdesk Property Mangement

Service Tasks

Reducing Vacancy Rates and Length

Vacancy can cost big! Freshworks helps reduce vacancy related revenue loss by ensuring your properties have plenty of applicants and an easy way to move them through application stages until they’ve been approved. Freshmarketer sets them up, Freshsales helps you knock them down. Better understand your potential tenants, create automatic engagement points, and help move them through the application process with this powerful duo.

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Tenant Communication

Today, tenants expect a seamless communication experience. Should they run into a confusing web of numbers, emails, contacts, and tools, they’ll likely be left frustrated. Potential tenant? They may not even attempt an application if communications are difficult. using Freshworks for Property Management you’ll streamline communications both chat and phone with Freshcaller and Freshchat. These tools record all communications, integrate with all the other tools and even leverage AI chatbots to help provide 24/7 service.

Trying to implement a Property Management solution? Write to us, we’d be happy to have a look at your current process and provide some insights to developing a well-rounded system which reduces manual work and increases tenant satisfaction.