Freshworks Implementation | The Cloudchoice Approach

Freshworks is revolutionizing how customers and businesses interact with each other and when it comes to a Freshworks Implementation, An expert advice can come in handy!

From proactively engaging a visitor until winning them as a customer and improving retention, companies are finding the need to constantly engage with their customers at different levels of their journey. 

From starting out to the solve the customer support problem with Freshdesk back in October 2010, Freshworks Customer-for-Life Cloud now powers the next generation of customer engagement, giving organizations the ability to move past simply managing leads to nurturing customer relationships in a more predictive way, with the rich context of every customer touchpoint through products like Freshmarketer, Freshsales, Freshchat, etc.

Image shows how Freshworks products collaborate in every aspect of your customer journey

Collaborative Workflow

Freshworks Customer-for-life cloud provides predictive analysis, customer intelligence, and workflow management to help you proactively engage customers across sales, marketing, and support.

Support and success agents can now receive timely notifications that recommend precise actions to specific contacts in need of help or looking for new product suggestions.

The Freshworks Customer-for-life Cloud features Freddy AI, our incredibly easy to use AI/ML technology that brings the latest predictive power to any business.

Although having product-specific consultants is great, from the customer’s standpoint, the need to engage with multiple product consultants can get frustrating and when it comes to implementing the solution, it can sometimes be overwhelming to go back and forth with different personnel, creating confusion.

Freshworks Implementation with Cloudchoice who help you evaluate and implement multiple Freshworks solutions

Multi-product Consultative approach

Cloudchoice eliminates this problem by letting you have a single point of contact for your Freshworks Implementation needs, thereby killing the hassle.

Our consultants who are multi-product savvy, and have been implementing Freshdesk dating back to its start-up days. This helps us thoroughly understand all your business challenges and recommend the right tool that helps you achieve your organizational goals. Click here to start your free trial today and talk to our experts.