Top SaaS Tools For Ecommerce in 2020

The New Year is upon us, and with that comes new plans, new targets, and new tools. The CloudChoice team has put together our list of the top SaaS tools to boost your eCommerce efforts in 2020.

1. Hippo Video.

Selling used to be a very personal experience, however, customers in 2020 will be blasted with emails, sponsored ads, and generic video content. How will you stand out? Hippo Video is a video distribution and personalization platform which helps humanize the customer experience. From personalized automated video content to direct video email Hippo Videos innovative video technology will help your sales and marketing teams stand out from the crowd. Did we mention it integrates with all your favorite tools, including Gmail? 

Top SaaS Tools 2020

Hippo Video Gmail Integration

You can try Hippo Video here

2. Freshworks 360

You’ve probably heard of Freshdesk, Freshservice, or Freshsales. Have you heard of Freshworks 360? Every organization wants to more effectively acquire, engage and retain customers, and Freshworks 360 enables teams to do just that. Released in 2018, Freshworks 360 is the first truly omnichannel customer engagement solution. combining the best of CRM, marketing, & support software, Freshworks 360 empowers its users to provide an unparalleled customer experience. Freshworks 360 tracks customers from the time they visit your website, through all of their communications, and is there to assist your eCommerce team post-purchase for any customer support issues. 

As Freshworks partners, the CloudChoice team has the right skills to help you understand if Freshworks 360 is the right fit, you can book a free consultation here.

3. AuditShipment

Did you know organizations most organizations end up paying around 15% extra on their shipping costs? Late deliveries, duplicate billing, void shipments, and that’s just a few of the reasons why your business is paying more than it should for shipping. Regardless who you ship with, all the major players have policies that allow you to receive money back on a number of given situations. What’s the catch? You have to find and dispute those errors. This process is so costly and time-consuming that most organizations do not bother to attempt and recover the money they are owed. The team at AuditShipment uses its AI technology and innovative algorithms to review all your shipping expenses. You don’t deal with the shippers, and they only get paid when your organization gets paid! They’ve got a super easy process,  you can register here.

We know we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg with these Top SaaS tools for eCommerce in 2020, maybe you have a specific requirement or obstacle to overcome? If that’s the case we invite you to schedule a free review of your tech stack and process.