Using FreshDesk to Streamline Customer Care

There are many reasons why an organization may use FreshDesk to streamline customer care. From a small team to multinational organizations, customer success is crucial to the health of any business. Traditionally, teams have tried measures such as email and spreadsheets to try and manage their customer service efforts, that should no longer be the case. By implementing a customer service solution to your customer success efforts, your team will be able to reduce manual work, improve response times and build more efficient workflows. At CloudChoice, we implemented Freshdesk for one of our clients, Panoramic Properties. A well-established property management business naturally comes with its own unique challenges. By merging many of their existing efforts into Freshdesk, the Panoramic team was able to manage tickets involving maintenance, vacancies, and media communications all from one easy-access location. This move to FreshDesk helped their team significantly streamline their customer care efforts, reduce manual work and improve tenant satisfaction. Check out Panoramic Properties page. 


Multi-Channel Communication:

Slow or inactive communications can be one of the biggest causes of customer dissatisfaction. With the many tools now used for communication, inquiries, concerns, and comments can come from many directions. Implementing Freshdesk to streamline these communications is one of the biggest advantages of Freshdesk. As a customer service tool Freshdesk will allow your team to integrate and respond to email, chat, social media, and webform from one easy access solution. 


Automate Workflows:

Customer service efforts can be repetitive, take up valuable time and hurt team morale. With Freshdesks streamlined automation, setting up workflows will allow you to eliminate mundane tasks and automatically manage the workload. Streamlined workflows can improve both accuracy and response time.


Improve Response Times:

The use of multiple tools and channels can lead to slow or inactive communications. With Freshdesks innovative ticketing and assignment systems, you control the way in which your team reacts. Setting up rules and priorities makes sure the right person receives the right notification and can act right away, this translates to faster responses and more desirable outcomes.


Customize Your Support:

Businesses change, and so do customer needs. Freshdesk is not only easy to use but highly customizable. From simple settings aimed to improve the ease of use, or to custom integrations which help you manage multiple products, the possibilities are limitless inside Freshdesk. We’ve helped many teams build custom applications to help serve their customers better from inside Freshdesk, these custom solutions help organizations bring together different technologies to provide seamless workflows for their team members.


Customer Satisfaction: 

When it comes to customer success, knowledge is power. With Freshdesk you can easily gauge satisfaction with tools such as customer satisfaction surveys or set up automated responses asking for feedback and reviews. 


These are numerous reasons why Freshdesk is a must-have solution for customer service efforts. To better understand why it’s such a valuable tool, I recommend checking out our 2019 Freshdesk Demo video, you can find it below. After you’ve watched the video, try FreshDesk free.