Video Testimonials: How to Collect Video Testimonials

How to Collect Video Testimonials

It’s estimated that word of mouth referrals help drive $6 trillion in global spending annually. Yes, you read that right, $6 trillion. Word of mouth is an effective tool as recommendations from people who we trust or feel might be like us, help us feel more comfortable purchasing or working with a particular organization.

However, in the internet age, building genuine, highly convertible referral leads can be tough. How can we recreate the word of mouth experience, when many of our potential clients may not know each other, or visit the groups and pages on the internet? We can do it with Video Testimonials

The answer is video testimonial, recreate the passion and excitement your satisfied customers portray when they talk about your business. Allow those videos to connect with prospects, and show them that many others, just like them are already using and satisfied with your product or services.

What’s the problem? Most businesses don’t know how to ask, and most customers don’t know how to create. This guide will show you how.

1. Find The Right Tool.

The first step to collecting video testimonials is finding the right tool. Do your research, different solutions will work best for different use-cases, we use Hippovideo for our solution as there is no download or complications for our customers or respondees, we’ll learn more about that later on.

2. Consider Why?

Before we begin trying to collect video testimonials, let’s look at why we’re collecting video testimonials. Is it for an upcoming event? Is it to host on our webpage? Understanding the type of response we’re hoping to receive, will help us in step 3.

3. The Ask.

This might be the most important part, time is money, and you’re asking for their time. So let’s make sure we’ve got our campaign and request built right! Let’s make sure we have our message on point, and our settings tuned correctly. To access this from Hippo Video

Follow these steps: Testimonials > Add New Campaign

Video Testimonials

Setting up a video testimonial request

4. The Response.

Now that your campaign is complete you’ll have an easy link that you can now send to request Video Testimonials. Your customers will receive a simple will your message and a link to record their testimonial. This can be recorded on their computer or mobile device! If they open it up on their mobile, it’ll look like the picture below. When a user has completed their video testimonial, it’ll show up in your library, in a campaign-specific folder.

Video testimonials

Video Testimonials – Recording on mobile


5.  You’re All Set.

Video testimonials are huge value add with respect to building credibility. Take the time and return the favor with a thank you video, it’ll go a long way!

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For more information about implementing a video solution, you can set up a discovery call with one of our consultants by clicking here.