Breaking Through With Video Email: The Beginners Guide!

Breaking Through with Video Email: The Beginners Guide!

1. Find The Right Tool

The first step of making stand out video emails is finding the right tool. There is a number of tools available, so you may have to do a bit of research. Hippo Video, BombBomb, Vidyard, to name a few. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t biased in our love for Hippo Video, not only are they our partners, they’re the only start to finish video solution! With this in mind, do some research and find the solution that fits your use-case. For this article, we’ll be using Hippo Video. If you wish to follow along, you can download Hippo Video for free here.

2. Installation and Integrations

The second step in breaking through with video email is downloading the Hippo Video Chrome extension and integrating it with your email client or CRM. Available integrations may vary from service to service; however, you should be able to sync up with most major tools like Salesforce, Gmail, or Outlook. You can download the Chrome extension here.

Hippo Video Integrations

Hippo Video Integrations

3. Settings And Device Check

You’re almost set. You’ve downloaded your video tool, you’ve connected it to your favorite communication tool. Before you record your first video, it’s a good idea to make sure that your devices work. With most video software you can test your camera and microphone from inside your video tool. Once you’ve verified that your devices work you’ll want to adjust your settings. Usually, settings will fall under recording options, advanced settings or something along those lines. You may be happy with the default settings, but if you want to ensure you’ve got the highest quality settings applied, it’s best to check first.

Advanced Settings Screen

Advanced Settings

4. Record Your Video

You’re all set, the hard work is done! Click your video tool, select any camera or microphones you wish to use and hit record. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, it may take a few tries to get comfortable recording video. Depending on your video tool, you may or may not be able to edit your video based on your tool. You can find out about editing with Hippo Video here.

Recording Options

Recording Options

5. Composing Your Email

Remember when we integrated our video tool with our Email client or CRM? Now, it’s time to put our integrated tools to use. Start composing a new email, select insert video and then pick the recording you would like to use. You may also have the option to record a new video from inside your email draft, this could also be done if you are not happy with your previously recorded video selection. Fill out the subject line, any text in the body message (if you would like), hit send.

*Pro-tip – communicating that you’ve made a video message in your subject line will boost open rates quite significantly!

Gmail Video Email

Breaking Through With Video Email


6. You’re all done

Congratulations, you’ve sent video email, you’re now ready to grab that attention in your prospects inbox!

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