From climbing Forbes list of top software organizations to a $150 million series H investment round, which was led by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, 2019 was a big year for Freshworks. The India based software company develops cutting edge customer engagement and automation tools. However, despite all the news and recognition, the Freshworks team was hard at work delivering new feature updates for their stable of products. We’re going to look at our favorite new features from 2019, which we hope will help your team have a more successful 2020.


Freshdesk – Field Service Management

Freshdesk is where it all started, the innovative customer support tool continues to help teams better serve their customers, and the newly released field service management feature continues that momentum. Poor field operations management can lead to reduced productivity, lower customer satisfaction, and increased operating costs. The new field service management update from Freshdesk solves this. Freshdesk and it’s innovative field service management update allows your team to go the extra mile. Create service tasks, schedule appointments, track time spent, and when the job is done, you can have the customer sign off on a completed job.


FreshDesk Consultants

FreshDesk – Field Service Management

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Freshservice – Microsoft Teams Integration

Use Freshservice? Use Microsoft Teams? Wish the two worked together? You’re in luck, in 2019 the team at Freshworks released the Freshservice Microsoft Teams integration. The cloud-based team collaboration software, which is part of the Office 365 suite of applications now works hand in hand with Freshservice. This new integration makes ticket resolution faster than ever before, bringing your ticket inside your collaboration platform, and simplifies request approval with a one-click system.

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Freshmarketer –  Customer Journeys

Every Customer has a journey, this includes how they interact with you on the web. Freshworks game-changing marketing tool Freshmarketer, introduced a feature called journey to help teams achieve their marketing goals. With Journeys, your marketing efforts with nurture new leads, engage with existing customers and help earn back repeat business. The user-friendly system delivers automated marketing efforts based on customer triggers, actions, and interactions, allowing appropriately timed communications to ensure a well-timed journey for your prospects and customers. When combined with Freshmarketers Heatmaps, A/B testing, and analytics you can build the ultimate customer experience for 2020!


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FreshMarketer – Customer Journey

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Freshsales – Mobile Home Screen

Not to be outshined by its support based sibling Freshdesk, Freshales had a big year in 2019, experiencing rapid growth. 2020 has started off strong as well, seeing Freshdesk ranked by G2 as the number one CRM for customer satisfaction. The year witnessed many updates for Freshsales, but our favorite is the new mobile home screen. The new home screen on Freshsales mobile app helps you rapidly access critical information the moment you open the application. It displays notifications, tasks, & appointments. The mobile home screen does just act as an easy to view and slick display either. Create records, carry out tasks and even act on notifications. The best part is that it’s available across all paid plans!

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