What is Freshworks 360?

Most likely you have heard of Freshsales, Freshdesk, Freshservice, and the numerous other business softwares released from Freshworks. You may have even heard about their customer for life service Freshworks 360. But what exactly is it? Simply put, it’s a unified customer engagement platform.

today organizations are running into the same problems managing their SaaS solutions, multiple toolsets, time-consuming integrations, and fragmented data. Freshworks 360 solves this. The customer engagement platform built by Freshworks reimagines business software in the form of a SaaS solution. 360 unifies sales, support, & marketing efforts to provide a seamless personalized customer journey. This unification unleashes the power of data and collaboration for your team. Deemed the “Customer for life” software, Freshworks 360 unites engagement and insights from all channels including email, phone, chat, mobile and social.

How does it work?

Well quite simply, it starts at Omni-Channel customer engagement. This tool puts all your team’s efforts under one umbrella. Whether working on a ticket or reaching out to prospects, all the information needed by your team is available through freshconnect, providing powerful insights and all the data developed through the customer journey. This integrated experience allows users to access the entire customer journey, from conversations to marketing touchpoints, social media mentions, and any other related data. Understanding your customer’s history will help lay the groundwork for their future. It’s probably why this innovative service has been deemed the customer for life software.

Freshworks 360 CET

Freshworks 360 Customer Engagement Tool

How Can It Help your Business?

You’ve put a lot of effort into building your team, now there is a tool to help them work as one with the aim of providing a better start to finish experience for your customers. Whether you use two tools or ten, you’ve probably noticed segmented data, difficult integrations, and lost productivity. By moving your sales, support and marketing efforts under the Freshworks 360 umbrella your organization will be able to better leverage full data sets, collaborate on customer experience, and most importantly develop life long customers.

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