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There are times when people identify us like, “You are that IT services company from Ontario, aren’t you?” Oh! Sure, but, just that we are much more than just IT and SaaS. We are contagiously obsessive about solving your business challenges from all levels like people, process, products or services.

Who sowed the Seeds?

As Founder and CEO at CloudChoice Andrews Moses brings over a decade of experience with CRM solutions and supporting clients. He decided to solve the business problems through customized SaaS solutions.

CloudChoice Motto: Stay Local Think Global!

CloudChoice, is heavily involved with and committed to the Niagara community and Brock University to foster Entrepreneurship in the Niagara Region. Andrews came to Niagara as an International student and has since then made his mark in the Niagara business community.  With his hard work and drive he extends his passion to helping International students like himself become successful Entrepreneurs who in turn will contribute to the local community and economy.

We’ll tell you – ‘what’s next?’

So enough about us. We are keen to know more about you and how we can help you delight your customers. Allow us to help you attain insanely high customer satisfaction with our solutions. We are waiting to help you serve your customers better.

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We care!

We care for our community. We are doing this because we believe in giving back to the community where we CloudChoice has begun this successful journey and continuing to do so.

We want to play our part in building this community into a better place, so we intend to share a part of our earning in this processes.

Community Partners:

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    CloudChoice is proud to be a sponsor of the
    Community Crew Lunch Program sponsoring 250 lunches per month!

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