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Freshservice is a powerful IT help desk automation tool to manage incidents, assets, service requests and much more. And in this article, we will answer the question of why companies choose CloudChoice to implement Freshservice.

One day we got an email from Dayton Children’s Hospital who were looking for Freshservice Consulting help.  And their story was typical…

Most of our clients can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. those who were looking for new software and decided to make their choice by sticking with Freshservice. They don’t want to “get their hands dirty’’ (they don’t want to spend their time figuring out how the new software works, how to set up the right workflow and call general support looking for the right solution). AppleLG group is the right example;
  2. those who decided to set up their Freshservice account by their internal means (usually those are bigger companies with their own IT department). But at some point, something did not work as expected and they are in need of a dedicated Freshservice consultant.

Dayton Children’s Hospital belongs to the second group. They have purchased 150+ licenses and appointed one of their employees to study the new software and set up the right workflow. After several months of hard work, the basic implementation was done. But the company management still wanted to polish the workflow to utilize more options provided by Freshservice.

At this point, the management of the company decided to look around for an experienced and trustworthy Freshservice consultant and contacted CloudChoice. Andrews (CloudChoice CEO) and Christina (CloudChoice Project Manager) had an introductory call with the Dayton Children’s Hospital management to learn about the problems they came across. After all the details were discussed and the contract was signed, the following work has been done:

  • Tickets fields and workflow updated;
  • Workflow automation enhanced;
  • Service Catalog created;
  • Custom roles set up;
  • Solutions module updated;

And in a few weeks, the company is upgrading its Freshservice plan and going to customize their end-user portal with the help of their dedicated consultant.

CloudChoice is now working on the training sessions for Dayton Children’s Hospital employees. As soon as training is completed, the company is ready to use its Freshservice account.


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