How the implementation works?

1. Understand your current practice
We need to know what your current challenges are and why you are looking for a solution. We know that every challenge has a solution – at CloudChoice, we find the right product or a mix of products that solves your business challenges. This also helps us find which features will benefit you the most.

2. Product set up
After understanding your challenges, we help you set-up and customize the solution. We set-up your accounts, implement the features you need, and test the processes your business will use.

3. User acceptance testing
We work with your team to come up with use cases and run a few tests to ensure that your challenges have been addressed, and it is working as intended.

4. Training
Once the solution has been accepted, we offer online training to your entire team on how to use the solution before it goes live.

Why hire experts?

Companies and startups often do not have the time or expertise to implement a cloud solution correctly. Freshworks products are designed to be user-friendly, but do you have the time to learn the software completely and implement for your unique business needs? A Freshworks expert can ensure that your Freshworks product meets your business needs.

Why CloudChoice?

Andrews Moses was an early employee at a startup called Freshdesk, which is now Freshworks. He has been a senior consultant with Freshworks and implemented Freshworks solutions across the globe including Toronto Pearson International Airport, HP and Queens University. Andrews used this experience to found CloudChoice and provide intelligent cloud-based solutions to over 200 businesses and organizations.

$995.00 –  Sprout and Blossom Plan :  1 week implementation

Basic setup : Fields, forms, look and feel.
Team and Email: Agents, groups and emails.
Automation : Auto-assign, SLA and notifications
Customization : Custom workflows, portal customization, integration with third-party apps
Reports : Set up reports for management or schedules.

$1995.00 – Garden and Estate Plan : 2 week implementation

Additional Services:
Customer App Development – integrate legacy solutions with Freshworks product suite starting at $995

End-User Portal Customization – Complete portal customization so that the end-user portal looks like an extension of your website starting at $495

Email Channel Incident Management Smart Forms & Event Tracking Integrate with site Integrate with site
Advanced Social Channels Asset Management Intelligent Workflows Configure Bots Heatmap Analysis
Third-Party Integration Analytics Integrations Assignment Rule A/B Analysis
Satisfaction Surveys Change Problem & Release Management Reports Dashboard Integration with CRM Reports
Self Service Portal Self Service Portal Advanced CRM customization Setup Poll and feedback Split URL testing
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