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Web-based order management solution for SMB’s

You customize your product/service why settle for off the shelf inventory management solutions. M2O Inventory is custom made for you.

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Business-2-Business Custom Order and Intelligent
Inventory Management Software


Order Management

  • Create estimates in just a click!
  • Create the order, add your products/parts and M2O applies pricing logic based on a customer basis.
  • Your estimates and quotes are flagged, and on customer approval can easily be converted to a sales order.

Product Catalog

  • Unlimited customization when creating your product & parts.
  • Keep track of your raw material with real time updates.
  • Keep track of products manufactured.

Smart Inventory

  • While inputting orders, existing inventory is seamlessly synced to flag your sales team, in real time, of availability.
  • M2O can configure a “threshold” that lets you know when your inventory is getting low thus time to restock and eliminate back logs.

Accounting Integration

  • Import and export data from M2O to Quickbooks and vice versa
  • Keep your accounting records up to date in real time
  • Measure your growth both with M2O and Quickbooks leading software solutions
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M2O Inventory signup available now!

You use more than one product/material to make a finished unit. For simplified ordering M2O allows you to create a product group/bill of material, eliminating the need to input each product/material separately. M2O then manages your inventory. Unlike traditional inventory solutions which just take the orders, only for you to find out that certain product/material is out of stock, delaying delivery, M2O does two things: one it alerts you in advance of stock that has reached the low threshold, and notifies you real time at the time of the order how many finished units you can deliver based on current material inventory.

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