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We were invited to participate in Startup Canada’s #StartupChat sponsored by Microsoft Canada. The focus of this chat was to help startups choose the right cloud solution provider.

About Startup Canada:

Startup Canada is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs working together to build an environment for entrepreneurship in Canada. Through online platforms, grassroots Startup Communities and cross-sector initiatives, Startup Canada is advancing entrepreneurial momentum and a culture of entrepreneurship, as the voice of Canadian entrepreneurs.

#StartupChats – Tips to Improve your Startup Today

Listed below are the questions and our answers;

Question & Answer #1

Q1 Let’s begin! What is the cloud? What does it mean when startups can operate their biz using the cloud? @msft_businessCA

A1: Ability to host your data virtually to access it from anywhere and everywhere. Low hardware cost and increase efficiency.

Question & Answer #2

Q2 What are the benefits of using the cloud for startups? @msft_businessCA

A2: Cloud solutions provide flexibility for startups. You pay as you grow and add services when you need them #Startupchats

Question & Answer #3

Q3 What types of startups are best suited to build their business on the cloud?

 A3: Any #startup can use cloud solutions. Customer service to invoicing can be done on the cloud. Cloud is affordable  #startupchats

Question & Answer #4

Q4 Starting a business in the cloud can be perplexing – where should entrepreneurs start?

A4: Start by trusting the #cloud. Learn how cloud can be secure so you have the confidence to build cloud applications #Startupchats

Question & Answer #5

Q5 What are typical roadblocks entrepreneurs face when building their business in the cloud?

A5: choosing your hosting location/provider can be a struggle. #Compliance and #data security varies by country. #Startupchats

Question & Answer #6

Q6 What steps should be considered when choosing a cloud solution provider? What’s available?

A6: There are hundreds of cloud solutions. Keep it simple: Research —Trial —choose #Startupchats

Question & Answer #7

Q7 What cloud management strategy do you advise startups to explore?

A7: Start from security, when data is secure you are safe. Get expert help, up-time is critical in cloud business. #Startupchats

Question & Answer #8

Q8 What types of risk are associated with building businesses using the Cloud? How can they be avoided?

A8: Firstly, cloud is more safe. Reward TRUMPS risk! If you choose the right provider and location. You are covered!! #Startupchats

Question and Answer #9

Q9 How much should startups invest in cloud computing?

A9: @Cloudchoiceinc we invested 100% in the cloud. Our business is cloud solutions. It might vary for each target market #Startupchats

Question & Answer #10

Q10 How should startups tackle privacy and security issues associated with cloud computing?

It was an awesome opportunity to connect with Canadian entrepreneurs to share ideas and knowledge. We are excited about our partnership with Startup Canada to help build our community. You can read the entire discussion HERE.

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