Your shared inbox is costing you

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You have a shared inbox where all enquiries from your website land?

You mark emails as Unread when you have a follow up?

You forward emails to other departments looking for answer?


Well, you are not alone. There are many businesses that do exactly what you do, that does not mean that you are right. Over the years of consulting, we have uncovered some common problems that might arise when your support team works out of an inbox;

Missed opportunity

Every customer request sits in the inbox without assigned ownership of the request. Your support agents have no way to tell who is working on the request. Everyone assumes that the other person is working on the request and fails to respond to an important customer. A simple email dropped could result in an unhappy customer or a lost business.

Duplication of work

On the other hand, the lack of ownership can cause duplication of work. Two support agents could respond to the request without the knowledge of the other resulting in duplication of work. Apart from duplication, in some cases this leads to embarrassment if the answers contradict each other. The customer no longer trusts your organization.

Lack of knowledge management

A centralized knowledge base will help your support agents save time and increase efficiency. From a training perspective having a centralized knowledge base could act as reference for any new agents in your team. Your key resources can spend their time serving customers rather than training new agents.

Zero visibility

Metrics are important to compare and grow as an organization. If you do not know what your average response time was a year ago, unfortunately you cannot tell if your support team is doing well today. Everyone knows that if you cannot measure something, you cannot better it. It is important to measure key performance indicators (KPI’s) to ensure you meet the industry standards. Your competitors are waiting to take your business.

If you are facing any or all of these problems and would like to improve your customer service, tools like Freshdesk can help you overcome these problems and win more customers.

 If you have a question or need help, please get in touch with our team.


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