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Are you a large organization with a vast IT operation to satisfy internal needs of your multiple functions? Then Freshservice is the way to go! You are aware of CloudChoice’s capabilities in Freshdesk consulting. We have also spoken to you in detail about our journey in Freshdesk consulting in one of our earlier blogs. Today let us understand one of our solutions handles i.e; Freshservice Consulting.

Where Freshdesk is aimed to help smaller businesses for improving their customer operations, its sibling Freshservice has a goal to support the IT support operations of larger organizations. Freshservice offers vital functions such as – project management, contract management, gamification, a service catalog, IP whitelisting, a dedicated success manager, and all of the standard tools you’ll find in an IT service management tool (i.e., custom reporting, helpdesk emails, self-service, and asset management).

Role of Freshservice Consulting from CloudChoice:

We saw a bucket list of critical features Freshservice can offer to effectively manage the IT operations of an organization. Let us travel a bit deeper into the situation to understand that it’s not just about deploying software. It is indeed about a full-fledged implementation to solve problems at all levels such as product, process, and people.

There could be one or more of the following problems before having a system in place to manage an organization’s IT function. To begin with, quantifying the magnitude of IT operations and the depth of it in different functions of businesses is a challenge. Our CloudChoice consultants with a wide experience of handling similar situations will help you map out the gaps in your IT operations and figure out the use cases for an IT management solutions which even you have missed out as an insider.

Followed by that let us see the next possible challenge. Beyond identifying the right solution such as Freshservice it is tough to freeze the choice of a package offered by the solution. Let us try to understand this in detail: Freshservice although is suitable for a larger organization, still comes in multiple packaging. Its basic plan is called the Sprout followed by other plans such as blossom, garden, estate, and forest. While Blossom might be suitable for a client A, adapting Sprout could be an intelligent choice for client B. This is where Freshservice Consulting by CloudChoice helps you pick the right plan that will be suitable for your organization in the long run.

Other than just the above two challenges, Freshservice Consulting team from CloudChoice will facilitate your IT department to reach its full potential by adopting best practices. Our consultants understand that – the coherence of IT services playing a major role in the success attained by the business services. This helps them in strategizing the alignment of your IT operations to support your business functions at all times.

In conclusion….

While Freshservice is the apt solution to unify all your IT operations, it’s the role of Freshservice Consulting team from Cloudchoice to make sure, you have the pleasure of enjoying the essence of Freshservice based on choosing the right plan and not just by paying more for the features.

Looking to use Freshservice? Get in touch with one of our consultants.

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