Canadian Firm as Preferred Freshworks Partner for North America

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As a proud “Freshworks Partner” we are also part of the celebration for Freshworks raising $100 million this week. Entering the community of Unicorns is certainly a milestone to celebrate. This is important for CloudChoice for several reasons. Albeit CloudChoice has grown to offer a wide variety of solutions and services, we also continue to be the major partners of Freshworks across the North American region.

And the reasons for celebration continues…

CloudChoice has significant a history as Freshworks Partner. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CloudChoice Andrews Moses is a Freshworks veteran. He was part of the first set of teams built when Freshworks (then Freshdesk) was found as a principal product consultant. When Andrews began his CloudChoice journey he started off with only offering implementation and consulting for Fresdesk – the customer support software. Today we have a strong team of consultants who are business ready with most of the Freshworks products. And this is apart from our other services and solutions.

North American Freshworks Partner

Preferred Freshworks Partner

The Canada Advantage

Canadian firms in the information technology space account for nearly one-third of the largest organizations in Canada. CloudChoice is a significant contributor growing exponentially year after year. We chose to base out of Canada for a number of reasons. Firstly, our CEO graduated out of the esteemed Brock University, Canada. The second important reason is access to highly skilled tech talent produced by Canadian educational institutions. We have spoken about this local talent in one of earlier blogs.

CloudChoice chose to incorporate in Canada as this nation have a global scope.  Also with Canada as the base location, it’s easy to deal with the client in the U.S. as it’s near shore. While the Canadian market is comparatively small and young compared to Silicon Valley, it’s still the place to try new products and solutions. Even huge socio-technology giants like Twitter and Facebook launched their beta products in Canada before finding their spots in major geographies.

Why do Canadian companies like to work with CloudChoice to acquire Freshworks products?

With a stronghold in the Canadian soil, we serve as authentic and easily accessible solution consultants for the Canadian companies interested in implementing Freshworks solution. Our proximity to the clients is of great advantage.  We as Freshworks Partners and expert consultants can be there in person to support them when they adopt our solutions into their system.

Also, since we are from the same environment as our Canadian clients it gives them a comfort zone when we interact. Thus, we are able to offer personal attention that adds to our clients’ wholesome experience. This is not entirely possible with vendors overseas. As preferred Freshworks partners for the entire North American region, we are very happy with the recent news of Freshworks raising $100 million. We look forward to striking more deals and help more clients in adapting the rewarding Freshworks solutions to achieve their goals.

Supportive environment, strong team, good products, expert solutions, vital support from lucrative investments – as a Freshworks Partner, we have all that our Canadian clients and North American clients want from a reliable Canadian Technology Solution Firm. Let’s just get started and achieve customer delight.


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