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Last week a potential customer and a significant name from the hospitality industry reached out to our team.

They were contemplating choosing Zendesk for their customer support. So the rest of this blog is about a first-hand experience of why the customer chose Freshdesk instead. Subsequent to the first few interactions over email our team of experts got on a call and convinced this user on why Freshdesk is a better option.  

Fast forward two days, Freshdesk account setup, a customized portal is live and the client is happy! Kudos to our Freshdesk consultant Christina Gashok for working after hours to deliver the project on time.

The subject in focus in those two days before implementation is laid down for your knowledge:

We present the reasons why Freshdesk is a better choice.

Following are the features popular with this client, as they were able to relate the use of it in their business scenarios:

  1. Multi-channel helpdesk portal – Unified information across all channels giving their members a seamless experience.
  2. Self-service – This is the client’s favorite function. This feature comes with three components:
    1. Knowledgebase – Allow the members to pull the information they need without depending on an agent. This brings the first response time to nil.
    2. Information Grouping – Categorize the information ensuring easy navigation.
    3. Community forums – Active interaction and engage in discussion with peers.
  3. Integration and Customization – The possibilities of integrating with multiple existing systems to extract necessary information for the members and creating workflows unique to their operations.

Following were some of the challenges we had to address:

The clients address the members’ queries on a case by case basis. Over a period of time, they realized that they are receiving repeated queries. This was a challenge addressed by our Freshdesk solution. Their use case was to build a community portal for their members and make information available to them at all times. This will serve as a new avenue for members’ queries to be resolved and also, reduces the first response time.

Freshdesk, on the whole, offers flexible integration options with the existing system. We were able to figure out the touch points for Freshdesk to integrate with their legacy systems and show information that is required for the members. The members are given access to the information as soon as they sign up. The members also have the privilege to share and discuss the information with their peers using the Freshdesk portal.

Freshdesk portal empowers the members to request the required information from the portal in their time and place, thus handing them the seamless access to the knowledge base. This makes the portal a single and most powerful point of contact for the members.

As experts why did we recommend Freshdesk?

Zendesk Vs Freshdesk

Freshdesk Consulting – North America

Freshdesk is an online customer support platform that can be the central hub encompassing all that a multiple channel approach such as email and social channels can put together offer. Thus streamlining the entire support process. The organization can leverage live chat and multi-language features too.

Now the client will be able to effectively manage a large volume of member feedback in an orderly fashion by prioritizing them based on urgency. The tickets can now be assigned amongst the team members the responsibility will be shared optimally thus increasing the overall productivity.

The key feature that can come in handy is the SLA. The tickets will be received and managed via Freshdesk portal significantly reducing the possibility of being lost in inboxes. Each team member can create unique canned responses specific to tickets on a certain category. Without any ambiguity, the client was able to visualize a potential increase in efficiency by 80%.

Future scope with Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers endless possibilities and the clients were able to envision it. This portal is scalable not only in terms of dealing with the volume of data but also in terms of scope for customization. Our goal is to help them integrate with all their legacy systems like booking, billing etc. With that their members can access any information from the Freshdesk portal without logging into multiple applications.

In conclusion, we love our partnership with Freshworks. Our partnership with them enhances our abilities to provide what clients want and when they want it. Pradeep Ravi and Rishi Raghav thanks to your support boys!!!

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