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Consistent Customer Service! – The Ultimate Expectation:

As a CRM consulting company, guaranteeing uncompromisable customer service is always our first priority. We believe what retains customers is the amalgamation of steady assistance and consistent customer service. Often times when we visit places be it retail or restaurants, we expect the same level of customer service that we promise our clients.

Today, I want to mention about a particular restaurant, Eggsmart located in St. Catharines on Geneva Street for their stellar customer service. I have personally been an Eggsmart customer for a few years now and every time I have received stellar customer service. I first heard about Eggsmart from one of my friends and decided to give it a shot and ever since have never looked back. Like most breakfast places, Eggsmart has some similar offerings. But what sets it apart from the rest of the breakfast restaurants is the smile on server Cathy’s face everytime I visit the restaurant. No matter how crowded the restaurant is or how busy Cathy might be, it is always a pleasure to receive her warm welcome.

Eggsmart inspires with Consistent Customer Service…

I still remember my first visit when the place was crowded and like many other restaurants I was worried about delayed food delivery or sloppy attention from the server. However, fortunately I was proven wrong. After the wonderful welcome from Cathy, she brought in the menus and introduced herself and the day’s specials. She was extremely welcoming and apart from the usual server-customer interaction, she was very conversational and made me feel at home. I was very impressed and was certain to return back.

Consistent Customer Service

Consistent Customer Service by Cathy from Eggsmart March 17, 2018

What sets good restaurants apart is the standardization and consistency in service provided which does not stop at the first time. And Eggsmart definitely falls in that category. Everytime I have visited, I have received the same warmth and customer service from Cathy. I have taken all my friends there to experience the wonderful service that Eggsmart servers offer and I have never been disappointed. As a customer service consulting company, I know how important customer service is and what difference it makes for people. I know of companies who offer premium products but fails to retain customers because of poor customer service. In our  previous blog, I had mentioned my experience with Audi at their Oakville showroom where I faced terrible customer service for a premium product. Eggsmart has made itself different by offering consistent great customer service and the warmth of a family.

Customer Service is not a one time activity…

Happy me turning Brand Loyal to Eggsmart is not just an accident or because of one instance. It’s primarily because of consistent customer service. Very recently, I took a colleague of mine to Eggsmart for breakfast and as usual was offered the same welcome by Cathy and was taken care of very well. It was my colleague’s first time at Eggsmart and she experienced similar warmth and family feeling as I feel everytime. Cathy offered her the same warming smile that she offers me everytime and described the day’s specials. My colleague mentioned her dietary restrictions and Cathy was more than gracious to take care of all her dietary needs. She also offered her a different option outside the menu particularly suited to her dietary needs. She was amazed at how much Cathy cared for her while she had a full house at peak hour. She also noticed that as Cathy moved to different tables she had the same warm attitude towards every customers. After our food was served, she kept coming back and checking to make sure we were satisfied with our food and also my colleague’s dietary needs were met.

Consistent Customer Service

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

It is a great experience every time I visit Eggsmart and everyone I have taken there has shared the same opinion. So, I thought it was time that I shared my experiences of consistent great customer service with others and also extend my gratitude towards Cathy for making me feel at home at my every Eggsmart visit. I hope more restaurants and especially industry leaders prioritize customer service similar to Eggsmart. At CloudChoice, we believe that although advertising, networking and spending millions of dollars might help to grow the business, nothing works better in retaining loyal customers than providing superior customer service. I hope more people from the St.Catharines and Niagara region visit Eggsmart after reading this post and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. I think Eggsmart and especially Cathy deserves all the appreciation for their outstanding customer service; so if you are a loyal Eggsmart customer such as me, have similar experience with Cathy, love their food and adore their customer service, we would love to hear from you! There is nothing better than showcasing great customer service to encourage others in the area to follow the pattern.

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