6 Tips to Engage Customers on Ecommerce Platforms.

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Ecommerce helps businesses increase their profit margin and directly connect with customers by removing the middleman. Whether you use Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce etc. Here are some tips to engage with your customers.

1. Proactive Customer Engagement

Engage with customers through your Ecommerce website by integrating a chat widget to follow the consumer throughout the sales process. I mean have you ever had second thoughts about your purchase right before you swipe your credit card? Make it easy for the consumer to have their questions answered by making sure there is a customer support staff ready to answer any given question.

2. Share Data Across Platforms

With Ecommerce on the rise, companies are using highly sophisticated software in order to keep up with the growth and still manage costs effectively. Businesses that cannot keep up with the trend subject their employees in disjointed processes jumping from platform to platform which increases transaction time which also increases cost.  Furthermore, when information can be accessed effortlessly in real time, business decisions can also be made in real time. Organizations gain visibility and opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively. The image showsFreshDesk integrated with Shopify.

3. Build Customer Loyalty Through Satisfaction Survey

After a consumer interacts with one of your customer support agents, do you follow up? You must take advantage of the opportunity of good service to show your customers that you care, and remind them that you provided great service. Impress your customers with a quick survey. Make it simple and it could be as a simple radio button to help customers rate your service in seconds. Doing so, allows the business to fully understand where they place in the consumer’s mind. Likewise, it allows the business to measure how fast and effective their service is perceived by the customer. Your main benchmark should be seeing the consumer happy and reducing any post purchase dissonance.

4. Reduce Customer Churn by Engaging with Unhappy Customers

By using satisfaction surveys, whenever the customer says he/she is unhappy you must contact them immediately and plan to solve the situation. There are those times when the customer wants you to pull magic out of a hat and you just can’t, but there are still ways to convey that you care about them and that you have done everything in your power to address their request.  By doing so, the customer feels important and assumes loyalty to the brand which is an important key for word of mouth marketing.

5. Build Brand Advocates through Community Forums

Creating a community forum, allows consumers to interact with each other and find new ways to use your product. It can also give you insight into new ideas for the product/company to grow, whether it’s an emerging trend or just a bright idea;make sure you give the person a huge thank you! Furthermore, it becomes less work for the support staff as questions can be answered by indigenous consumers. You can follow what your consumers are saying right there in your own interface. This a must and shouldn’t be overlooked.

6. Reduce Number of Tickets through Self-Service

In today’s day and age, customers are becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out answers to support or product issues. Customers want fast access to answers and  that is why it is so important to enable a self-service tab that the customer can interact with. I suggest incorporating a “how-to” video that demonstrates the basics on how to use the product as well as its benefits. Eventually  the number of repetitive inquiries that your support staff has will decrease. Some people might say, “isn’t this a bad thing? I want to know every question my customer has!”  That makes sense, but you can track your customer’s questions through your website, and if the question can be answered with little cognitive reasoning, both parties  will benefit from the self-service tab. If you want additional information on self-service here is another article we have shared.

We hope that this information was able to provide some new insight to help your business grow, and if it has, send us an email about how you adjusted your customer engagement. We would love to hear some great stories. Lastly, if you are an Ecommerce company and are looking for ways to grow your business, you can contact us for additional support. It’s what we do, and what we love to do. Together we can grow your business, one step at a time. “ Every problem has a solution.” You can contact us here.  

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