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Who is a Freshdesk Customer?

A Freshdesk customer is one who aims to redefine customer support by-

  • Automating repetitive work and save time
  • Streamlining all the customer conversations in one portal
  • Collaborating with other teams to resolve issues faster
Automate tasks better with Freshdesk for your customer support:

Support workflow is streamlined by converting the incoming requests recorded in your support email into helpdesk tickets, followed by prioritizing and assigning them to the right agents automatically. Agent Collision Detection helps you save the customer support agent’s efforts and prevent duplicate replies to the customers by automatically informing your support team on whether a ticket is already being worked upon. Canned responses is yet another feature that helps the support executives to use pre-set responses for common customer issues in one action.

Integration serves as a critical automation effort. By integrating your support system to multiple tools like CRM, payment systems, bug-tracking solution, your customer support executives are equipped with more tools and are in turn empowered to deliver excellent customer service. Creating and automating complete workflows based on keywords subsequently quicken the process of over all customer support based on criticality helps optimizing teams’ manual efforts.

Enterprise or SMB?

What brings you here today? Are you a SMB who is managing your customer support through emails and it’s getting chaotic? or Are you an enterprise who is stuck with another helpdesk and it is overwhelming?

Freshdesk Consultants

Cloudchoice-Freshdesk Consulting

Regardless of the size of your organization or business model you employ, our Freshdesk consultants are here to help you implement Freshdesk to deliver world class customer support.

Why hire us?

The best way to do anything well in an organization is by hiring the best talent. This stands true here, as implementing the best customer support solution should be done only by the experts in order to ensure success. It’s critical as the whole process is directly proportional to customer satisfaction.

We are a pool of Freshdesk expert consultants with extensive customer support and solution implementation experience. We also add more value than just implementing the solutions, we help you:

  • train your internal team to put the system to complete use and understand all the ways to reduce ticket turnaround time and improve productivity without increasing the team size
  • share the ownership of ticketing until your customer support team is comfortable with the new system
  • set up a comprehensive knowledge base and improve the time spent on solving critical issues faced by your customer
  • by providing additional services like running email campaigns and campaigns on social media on a case by case basis
  • by arriving at the important metrics to track
  • initially to create dashboards for regular reporting to stabilize the system and team

As a concluding thought we would like you to re-evaluate, re-configure, and get the best about the new features in Freshdesk. We are waiting to serve you in succeeding in customer support and earn the customer delight!

Contact us today and you will just love the overall Freshdesk experience.







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