5 Reasons To Embrace Multichannel Customer Service

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In a world where service is the differentiator between a good business and a great business, customer expectations continue to grow. It is not an option to ignore this fact and it is imperative for businesses to fully understand the power of the customer.  One poor service experience has the potential to lead to a powerful negative impact on your business, “95% of customers say they share bad service experiences to friends, family, or online.” Understand the different communication channels and effectively deliver your message to your customers in a timely SMART manner.  Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a multichannel customer service system:

1. Duplication of Work

How does your team respond to a single request from a customer through multiple channels today?  Are you handling requests through email and social media? How many channels is your staff checking to capture all customer communication?  Having a single interface will streamline that process for you, saving expensive payroll time and effectively capturing your customer communication. Allow the system to funnel all the customer requests to a single point of contact for response and resolution.

2. Delayed/Dropped Customer Inquiry

How often does a customer communication slip through the cracks and go unanswered, because you either don’t have enough time, or everyone thinks someone else took care of it?  You desperately need a tool that allows you to track each customer inquiry and ensure that it has been addressed within a defined time period in under 24 hours and alerts you to outstanding communication.

3. Poor Website Conversion Rate

The average consumer spends 58 seconds on your website; they must have at least one question. But in today’s world they might not have time to call the customer support team or send an email; they want a response right then and there. That is why a chat widget on your website is critical so allow your customers to easily communicate with the support team with just the click of a button, in real time

4. Unable to Meet Customer Expectations

Working in silos increases response time and most often fails to meet customer expectations as customers are transferred from department to department. According to Search Engine Watch, 72% of customers who complain on twitter expect a response within an hour. That is why having a service desk to help support your backend with FAQ’s is crucial.

5. Inconsistent Responses

Do you get asked the same question over and over? Your responses might alter over time depending on the skill set of your staff and quite often, like it or not their mood! Embed your FAQ’s right into your customer service experience so their question can be easily selected from the menu and answered with a correct and consistent response.

Here is our live demo on how we manage Multichannel Customer Service (Google Chrome Browser Recommended)

NOTE: Video works better on Google Chrome.

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